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1Author    Emmanuel Chukwuemeka OkaforRequires cookie*
 Title    The Metal Complexes of Heterocyclic /?-Diketones and their Derivatives, Part VIII Synthesis, Structure, Proton NMR and Infrared Spectral Studies of the Complexes-Phenyl-3-methyl-4-trifluoroacetyl-pyrazolone-5 (HPMTFP)  
 Abstract    of Al(in), Fe(ffl), Co(ffl), Rh(m), In(ffl), and Zr(IV) with l New complexes of Al(III), Fe(III), Co(III), Rh(III), In(III) and Zr(IV) with 1-phenyl-3-methyl-4-trifluoroacetyl-pyrazolone-5, (HPMTFP), have been synthesized and charac-terized by means of elemental analyses, conductivity and magnetic moment measurements, proton NMR and infrared spectroscopy. It is concluded that the ligand, HPMTFP, reacts as a bidentate enol forming neutral metal chelates. The PMR spectra of chelates suffi-ciently soluble in deuterated NMR solvents were recorded and studied. The IR spectra are measured between 4000-200 cm -1 and assignments are proposed for the observed fre-quencies. The M-0 stretching frequency follows the order: AI > Rh > Fe — Co = Zr > In. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 36b, 213—217 (1981); received September 17 1980 
  Published    1981 
  Keywords    Metal Complexes, PMR Spectra, IR Spectra 
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 Identifier    ZNB-1981-36b-0213 
 Volume    36