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1Author    S. K. Song, Y. M. Park, J. K. Jung, Y. M. Seo, S. H. ChohRequires cookie*
 Title    N NQR Studies of Impurity Effects on the Local Structure of NaN0 2 -based Mixed Systems  
 Abstract    The influence of impurities on the 14 N NQR lineshape of Na 1 _^Ag c N0 2 and [NaN0 2 ],_,-[BN0 3 ]^ (B = Na, K) at room temperature has been investigated. Carrying out spectral analysis in conjunction with classification of the local field inhomogeneities according to the structurally isomorphic, Na]_ x Ag x N0 2 , and anisomorphic [NaNO^.JBNC^b systems, enabled an under-standing of the microscopic nature of impurity-induced local disorder. The iso-and anisomorphic systems reveal their own unique features of the impurity induced local disorder. They are charac-terized by a static, random distribution of impurities in the isomorphic system and a fast motion of the impurity-induced mobile point defects in the anisomorphic system. However, for both systems, neither a change of the 14 N NQR frequency nor a multisplitting of the lines is observed because of the relatively low symmetry. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 55a, 219—224 (2000); received August 23 1999 
  Published    2000 
  Keywords    NQR, Lineshape, Iso-and Anisomorphic Systems, Local Disorder 
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 TEI-XML for    default:Reihe_A/55/ZNA-2000-55a-0219.pdf 
 Identifier    ZNA-2000-55a-0219 
 Volume    55