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1Author    Herrn, Dr, DrRequires cookie*
 Title    Transanulare Wechselwirkung bei  
 Abstract    [m.n]Phanen, 32 [1]: Modelle für Amin-Aromaten-Exciplexe: [2](l,4)Anthraceno[2](2,6)pyridinophan-l,13-dien Transanular Interaction in [m .n]Phanes, 32 [1 ]: Models for Am ine-A rene-Exciplexes: [2](l,4)A nthraceno[2](2,6)pyridinophan-l,13-dien M atthias W. H a e n e l* 3, Birgit L intnera und D ieter Schweitzer11 a M ax-Planck-Institut für K ohlenforschung, Kaiser-W ilhelm -Platz 1, D-4330 M ülheim a .d . Ruhr b M ax-Planck-Institut für M edizinische Forschung, A bteilung M olekulare Physik, Jahnstraße 29, D -6900 H eidelberg The [2](1.4)A nthracen o[2](2,6)pyridinop han-l,13-d ien (5) and the corresponding [2.2]phane (7) were synthesized as m odels for exciplexes. The dithia[3.3]phanes (9) and (11) were prepared by cyclisation o f the dithiols 13 and 16 with the dibrom ide 19. O xidation of 9 to the disulfone 10 and vapour phase pyrolysis led to 7. Ring contraction o f 9 by S-analogous Wittig ether rearrange­ ment led to 20 which was converted to the diene 5 via oxidation to the disulfoxide 21 and pyrolytic elim ination o f m ethane sulfenic acid. A ttem pts to prepare 6 and 8 via similar routes from 11 failed. Electron absorption spectra and fluorescence spectra o f 5 and 7 are discussed in terms of n-n interaction in 5 and jt-jt interaction in 7. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 41b, 223 (1986); eingegangen am 7. Oktober 1985 
  Published    1986 
  Keywords    Cyclophanes, Electronic Interaction, Exciplex M odels U V Spectra, Fluorescence 
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 Identifier    ZNB-1986-41b-0223 
 Volume    41