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1Author    J. Berlinab, I. N. Kuzovkinac, C. Rügenhagenab, L. Fecker3, U. C. Om, M. Andeur3, V. W. RaybRequires cookie*
 Title    Hairy Root Cultures of Peganum harmala II. Characterization of Cell Lines and Effect of Culture Conditions on the Accumulation of ß-Carboline Alkaloids and Serotonin  
 Abstract    Hairy root cultures o f Peganum harmala established by genetic transformation with A gro­ bacterium rhizogenes wild type strains A 4, 15834 or carrying the binary vector pLTCgus 1, re­ spectively, were analyzed with respect to their tryptophan-derived m etabolites. Beside the pre­ viously detected ß-carboline alkaloids harmine, harmol, harmaline and harmalol all hairy root cultures were found to contain the ß-carboline glucoside ruine and serotonin. The appearance o f the root cultures and the levels o f ß-carboline alkaloids were greatly affected by the nitrogen source o f the medium. In the presence o f higher levels o f ammonium ions (as in MS medium) the roots were short and thick, while in B50 medium (low ammonium) they were thin and long. Ammonium ions had a negative effect on the levels o f ß-carbolines. The best root cul­ tures accumulated on B50 1 .5 -2 % ß-carbolines on a dry mass basis and in the presence o f 6% sucrose ca. 10 mg ß-carbolines/L x d were formed. In the presence o f phytohorm ones root cul­ tures were converted into low producing suspension cultures, from which the highly produc­ tive roots were reinduced on phytohormone-free medium. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 47c, 222 (1992); received July 29/Novem ber 11 1991 
  Published    1992 
  Keywords    Peganum harmala, R oot Cultures, Transformation, ß-Carboline Alkaloids, Serotonin 
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 Identifier    ZNC-1992-47c-0222 
 Volume    47