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1Author    Anne-Kathrin Duhme, Henry StrasdeitRequires cookie*
 Title    Ligandenmangelkomplexe des Cadmiums. Synthese und spektroskopische Charakterisierung molekularer (Pentafluorphenyl)cadmium-Thiolate und die Struktur des Cubankomplexes [{Cd(C6F5)(SBur)}4] Ligand-Deficient Complexes of Cadmium. Synthesis and Spectroscopic Characterization o f Molecular Pentafluorophenyl Cadmium Thiolates and the Structure o f the Cubane Complex [{Cd(C6F5)(SBuf)}4]  
 Abstract    In toluene, bis(pentafluorophenyl)cadmium(II) and thiols RSH (R = Bu', 2,4,6-Pr'3C6H2, 2,4,6-Bu'3C6H2) react to give soluble pentafluorophenyl cadmium thiolates [(Cd(C6F5)(SR)} J. The compounds [{Cd(C6F 5)(SBu')}4] (1)0 .5 C6H5CH3, [ {Cd(C6F5)(SC6H2Pr'3-2,4,6)} J (2)-ca. 0.25n C6H 5CH3, and [{Cd(C6F5)(SC6H2Bu'3-2,4,6)} J (3) ca. 0.25« C6H5CH3 have been prepared in 65, 59 and 78% yield, respectively. 1-0.5 C6H5CH3 crystallizes in the triclinic space group PI with a = 11,635(1)Ä, b = 11.583(1)Ä, c = 21.480(2)Ä, a = 82.12(1)°, ß = 76.26(1)°, y — 89.35(1)°, and Z = 2. 1 is a cubane-type complex with a {Cd4(/z3-SBur)4}4+ core. Each Cd atom is coordinated by three bridging thiolato ligands and one terminal C6F5 group (C d -S 2.62 A, C d -C 2.15Ä (mean values)). The central C atoms of the Bu'S" ligands of 1 show a remarkable low-field shift o f their 13C N M R resonance (12.3 ppm relative to the value of the free thiol). A characteristic spectral feature of (Cd(C6F5) } + complexes is the large value of the coupling constant 2/ (19F ,13C) o f the ipso-C atom (1, 2: 68 Hz; 3: 67 Hz). The complexes [Cd(C6F5)(SR) + H]+, [Cd(SR)2 + H]+, and [Cd2(SR)3]+ were identified in the Cl mass spectra (/50-butane) of 2 and 3. 
  Reference    (Z. Naturforsch. 49b, 119—127 [1994]; eingegangen am 17. August 1993) 
  Published    1994 
  Keywords    Cadmium Complexes, Thiolates, Crystal Structure, NMR Spectra, Mass Spectra 
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 Identifier    ZNB-1994-49b-0119 
 Volume    49