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1Author    Otto Mündt, Heinz Riffel, Gerd Becker, Arndt SimonRequires cookie*
 Title    Element—Element-Bindungen, IV [1] Molekül-und Kristallstruktur des Tetramethyldiphosphans und -diarsans Element—Element Bonds, IV [1] Molecular and Crystal Structure of Tetramethyldiphosphane and -diarsane  
 Abstract    The molecular and crystal structures of the isotypic compounds tetramethyldiphosphane 1 and -diarsane 2 have been determined by single crystal X-ray diffraction (monoclinic; C2/m; Z = 2; 1/2: -155/-144 °C\a = 540.6(2)/555.8(2); b = 1131.0(6)/l 136.7(6); c -602.5(2)/612.8(2) pm;/? = 97.31(3)/95.24(3)°;P-P 221.2(1)/As-As 242.9(1) pm). In accordance with the crystallographically imposed symmetry 2/m, the molecules adopt antiperiplanar conformation. Their crystal structures are closely related to those of the homologues tetramethyldistibane 3 [1] and -dibismuthane 4 [3]. As found for the latter compounds, the E —E units (E = P, As) are also aligned in linear chains, but the intermolecular E---E contacts (P-P 381/As---As 370 pm) do not allow any extended interaction between molecules, which otherwise would result in thermochromic effects. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 43b, 952—958 (1988); eingegangen am 29. Februar 1988 
  Published    1988 
  Keywords    Tetramethyldiphosphane, Tetramethyldiarsane, Conformation, Molecular Structure, Crystal Structure 
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 TEI-XML for    default:Reihe_B/43/ZNB-1988-43b-0952.pdf 
 Identifier    ZNB-1988-43b-0952 
 Volume    43 
2Author    Z. NaturforschRequires cookie*
 Title    Oxidative Addition von Tetramethyldiphosphan und -arsan an C p '-S iM e2-Cp'-überbrückte Molybdän-und Wolframcarbonyl-Komplexe*  
 Abstract    O xidative A d d itio n o f T etram ethyldiphosphane and -arsane to Binuclear C p '-S iM e 2 -C p '-B rid g e d M olybdenum and T ungsten C arbonyl Com plexes** W alter A b riel+,a, G e rh a rd B aum +b, H eike B urdorf*5 und Jürgen Heck*-C a AW H chem consult, Thermal reaction o f M e2Si[Cp'M(CO)3]2 (M = M o, W; Cp' = C5H 4) with tetramethyldi­ phosphane and -diarsane gives oxidative coupling products with bridging EM e2-groups (E = P, As). With E = P discrete binuclear com pounds are obtained, which on further thermolysis afford new species o f the general formula {M e2Si(Cp'M)2(CO)3(J w-PMe2)2} (5). X -R ay struc­ ture determ ination o f 5a (M = M o) and N M R data show a PM P-heteroallylic system which is bound to the second metal. In the case o f M = W a second com pound with a mixed hydrido and dim ethylphosphido bridge can be isolated, which shows fluxionality in solution. However, the oxidative additions with tetramethyldiarsane lead to insoluble products which are assumed to be polymeric with C p '-S iM e2-C p ' as well as A sM e2 bridges linking the metal centers. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 46b, 841—8 (1991); eingegangen am 28. N ovem ber 1990 
  Published    1991 
  Keywords    Oxidative A ddition, Tetramethyldiphosphane, Tetramethyldiarsane, Crystal Structure, Fluxional Behaviour 
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 TEI-XML for    default:Reihe_B/46/ZNB-1991-46b-0841.pdf 
 Identifier    ZNB-1991-46b-0841 
 Volume    46