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1Author    Marta Nevesa, Manuel Ferreira, Christian Terreauxc, Kurt Hostettmannc, Rui Morais3Requires cookie*
 Title    Phytochemical Profiles of Targionia lorbeeriana: Grown in vitro and in the Open  
 Abstract    Bernardino de Almeida, 4 2 0 0 -0 7 2 Porto, Portugal. Fax: 351 2 2 5 0 9 0 3 5 1 , E-mail: rmorais-@esb.ucp.pt The terpenoid constituents of Targionia lorbeeriana grown in vivo and in vitro were com ­ pared. The analysis of the dichloromethane extract was perform ed by H P L C -U V and by HPLC-M S. The obtained results revealed that the sesquiterpene lactones isolated from the dichloromethane extract of the wild Targionia lorbeeriana were also produced by the liver­ wort in in vitro cultures, in the same relative amounts. The composition of essential oils was evaluated by G C and GC-MS. Both, the yield and diversity of the essential oil obtained from wild growing T. lorbeeriana gametophytes were higher than those growing in vitro. Although, a significant number of compounds produced in vivo were maintained in vitro, a considerable number of other ones were not detected. Instead, under in vitro conditions, some new compounds were found which do not accumulate under wild conditions. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 56c, 726 (2001); received M arch 13/April 17 2001 
  Published    2001 
  Keywords    Targionia lorbeeriana, Essential Oil, Liverwort 
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 TEI-XML for    default:Reihe_C/56/ZNC-2001-56c-0726.pdf 
 Identifier    ZNC-2001-56c-0726 
 Volume    56