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1Author    UweJ. Jürgens, Baldur Rieth, JürgenW. Eckesser, CrawfordS. Dow, WilfriedA. KönigRequires cookie*
 Title    Partial Lack of N-Acetyl Substitution of Glucosamine in the Peptidoglycan of the Budding Phototrophic Rhodomicrobium vannielii  
 Abstract    The rigid layer and peptidoglycan fractions from two strains (A TC C 17100 and R m 5) o f the budding phototrophic Rhodomicrobium vannielii were isolated. Rigid layers of both strains con­ tain protein in addition to peptidoglycan. They were free o f polysaccharides and fatty acids. The respective peptidoglycan fractions contain glucosam ine, muramic acid, l -and D-alanine, D-glutamic and m eso-diam inopim elic acid in approximately equimolar ratios except for a signifi­ cant lower relative D-alanine content. A nalysis o f partial acid hydrolysates revealed A 1 '/-type structure of Rhodomicrobium vannielii peptidoglycan (shown with strain ATCC 17100). An about 10—30% lack o f N-acetylation o f glucosam ine was indicated. The degree o f cross-linkage was found to be about 60% . No differences in peptidoglycan com position and degree o f cross-linkage were found between swarmer-and chain-cells as exam ined with strain R m 5. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 42c, 1165—1170 (1987); received July 29. 1987 
  Published    1987 
  Keywords    Rhodomicrobium vannielii, Peptidoglycan, Rigid Layer, N -A cetyl G lucosam ine, Swarmer Cells Chain Cells, Budding 
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 Identifier    ZNC-1987-42c-1165 
 Volume    42