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1Author    Nils Wiberg, Kerstin Amelunxen, Hans-Wolfram Lemer, Heinrich Nöth, Jörg Knizek, Ingo KrossingRequires cookie*
 Title    Supersilylverbindungen der Borgruppenelemente  
 Abstract    , IV [1]. Supersilylelementhalogenide fBu3SiEX2 und (fBu3Si)2EX mit E = Al, Ga, In: Synthesen, Eigenschaften, Strukturen [2] Supersilylated Compounds of the Thirteenth Group, IV [I]. Supersilylelement Halides rBu3SiEX2 and (/Bu3Si)2EX with E = Al, Ga, In: Syntheses, Properties, Structures [2] Water and oxygen sensitive compounds (rBu3SiEX2)2, fBu3SiEX2 Do and (rBu3Si)2EX (E = AI, Ga, In; X = (F), Cl, Br; Do = OR2, NR3) have been synthezised by reaction of EX3 with rBu3SiNa in the absence or presence of donors. In addition, (?Bu3Si)AlBr2, (fBu3Si)2InF and rBu3SiInBr2 were prepared by reaction of AlBr3 with (rBu3Sij2Zn or of (/Bu3Si)2In-In(Si/Bu3)2 with AgF2 and HBr, respectively. The adduct [rBu3SiAlBr2 AlBr3 '/ 2M gBr2]2 is formed from AlBr3 and (fBu3Si)2Mg(THF)2. Thermal decomposition of the compounds in solution or in the gas phase leads to the formation of ?Bu3SiEX2 (from the dimers or the donor adducts) and of fBu3SiX. The Lewis acidity of ?Bu3SiEX2 against donors incre­ ases in the direction Do = Et20 < THF < NEtM e2. Dehalogenation of (/Bu3Si)2ECl with /Bu3SiNa(THF)2 in pentane at room temperature leads to clusters (rBu3Si)4Al2, (fBu3Si)3Ga2*, (fBu3Si)4In2 and (rBu3Si)3Ga2Na(THF)3, reduction of rBu3SiGaCl2 with Na or K in heptane at 100°C to the tetrahedran (rBu3Si)4Ga4. The structures of (rBu3SiGaCl2)2, (fBu3Si)2GaCl, and [/Bu3SiAlBr2 AlBr3-'/2MgBr2]2 have been determined by X-ray structure analysis. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 53b, 333—348 (1998); eingegangen am 7. November 1997 
  Published    1998 
  Keywords    Supersilylaluminum Halides, Supersilylgallium Halides, Supersilylindium Halides, Acid-base Reactions, Redox-Reactions, X-Ray Data 
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 Identifier    ZNB-1998-53b-0333 
 Volume    53