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1Author    A. Müller, S. Pohl, M. Dartmann, J. P. Cohen, J. M. Bennett, R. M. KirchnerRequires cookie*
 Title    Crystal Structure of (NH4)2[Mo3S(S2)6] Containing the Novel Isolated Cluster [MO3S13] 2  
 Abstract    The novel tri-nuclear metal-sulfur cluster [Mo3S(S2)6] 2 ~ can be obtained as its am-monium salt by the reaction of a Mo iv containing aqueous solutions with polysulfide. Its crystal and molecular structure has been determined by a single crystal X-ray study. The crystals are monoclinic (space group Cm, with a = 11.577(6) A, b = 16.448(7) Ä, c = 5.716(2) Ä, ß = 117.30(3)°, V = 967.2 A 3 , Z = 2, dexpti. = 2.54(2) g/cm 3 , dcai = 2.54 g/cm 3). The structure consists of isolated [Mo3S(S2)6] 2_ units, with three Mo atoms at the vertices of a triangle. There are bridging as well as terminal S2 2 ~-ligands lying above and below the Mo3-plane (bond distances: Mo-Mo = 2.722 A, Mo-S(terminal) = 2.435, Mo-S(bridging) = 2.452, Mo3-S = 2.353(4) A and S-S = 2.04 A (mean values)). Transition metal sulfur clusters are model com-pounds of bioinorganic interest [1, 2]. Isolated binary sulfur clusters were unknown until recently, though several halogen cluster compounds were reported. We were able to isolate the novel com-pound (NH4)2[Mo3S(S2)6] containing bridging as well as terminal S2 2_ -ligands in the molybdenum-sulfur-cluster anion [2]. In this paper the crystal structure of the compound is reported. Experimental 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 34b, 434—436 (1979); received August 28/November 10 1978 
  Published    1979 
  Keywords    Crystal Structure, Molybdenum, Sulfur, Cluster, Metal-Metal Bond, Disulfide Diatomic Ligands 
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 Identifier    ZNB-1979-34b-0434 
 Volume    34