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1Author    Ralf Steudel, Torsten Sandow, Jürgen SteidelRequires cookie*
 Title    Darstellung und Eigenschaften von cyclo-Nonaschwefeloxid (S 9 0) und von cjc/o-Dekaschwefeloxid (Si 0 O) [1]  
 Abstract    Preparation and Properties of cyc/o-Nonasulfuroxide (S 9 0) and of cyc/o-Decasulfuroxide (S 10 O) [1] The homocyclic oxides S 9 0 (m.p. 33 °C, dec.) and S 10 O (m.p. 51 °C, dec.) have been prepared by oxidation of the corresponding sulfur rings S 9 and S 10 , respectively, by trifluoroperoxy acetic acid (molar ratio 1:2—3) in a carbon disulfide/methylene chloride mixture. According to infrared and Raman spectra, both compounds contain an exocyclic oxygen atom. S 9 0 and S 10 O decompose at 25 °C to give S0 2 and a polysulfuroxide S n O with «>10 but both can be stored at —78 °C without decomposition. The SS bond distances are discussed on the basis of the Raman spectra. In addition, the Raman spectrum of solid S 9 has been recorded for the first time. It shows that S 9 crystallizes as two allotropes (a-and ß-S g) both consisting of cyclic molecules of either Q or C 2 symmetry with bond distances of between 203 and 209 pm. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 40b, 594—600 (1985); eingegangen am 5. November 1984 
  Published    1985 
  Keywords    Sulfur Rings, Sulfur Oxides, Raman Spectra 
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 TEI-XML for    default:Reihe_B/40/ZNB-1985-40b-0594.pdf 
 Identifier    ZNB-1985-40b-0594 
 Volume    40 
2Author    Ralf Steudel, Jürgen Steidel, Torsten SandowRequires cookie*
 Title    Preparation and Crystal Structure of £7s-Tetrachlorobis(cycIooctasulfurmonoxide)tin(IV) [1]  
 Abstract    Yellow crystals of c/s-[SnCl4(S8 0) 2] containing the homocyclic sulfur oxide S80 have been prepared from the com ponents in carbon disulfide at —35 °C. A n X-ray structural analysis carried out at —105 °C showed the com pound to be monoclinic, space group P2 Jn with Z = 4 in a unit cell of dimensions a = 821.2(2) pm, b = 1331.9(4) pm , c = 2071.7(6) pm and ß -91.82(2)°. The structure was refined to a final agreem ent factor R = 0.038 for 2022 reflections. The tin atom is surrounded by a distorted octahedron of two oxygen atom s in cw-positions and four chlorine atom s in accordance with other oxygen-bonded complexes of SnCl4. The molecular symmetry is approximately C2, and the SS bond lengths in the ligands vary betw een 201 and 218 pm. V ibra­ tional spectra of [SnCl4 (SH 0) 2] are reported. The title com pound is the second example containing S80 as a ligand. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 41b, 951 (1986); received April 29 1986 
  Published    1986 
  Keywords    Sulfur Oxides, Tin T etrachloride, Crystal Structure, Complex Form ation, V ibrational Spectra 
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 TEI-XML for    default:Reihe_B/41/ZNB-1986-41b-0951.pdf 
 Identifier    ZNB-1986-41b-0951 
 Volume    41