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1Author    M. Staack, Hk Miiller-BuschbaumRequires cookie*
 Title    Kristallchemische Beziehungen von Co6 0 2  
 Abstract    [Te0 4 (CoAs0 5)2 ] zur Steinsalzstruktur von CoO mit einem Beitrag über magnetische Messungen an Co60 2[Te04(C oA s05)2] Crystal Chemical Relations o f Co60 2[T e04(C o A s0 5)2] to the Rocksalt Structure of CoO and a Contribution on M agnetic Measurements of Co60 9[T e04(C o A s0 5)-,] The recently investigated compound Co60 2[Te04(C oAs05)2 marks the first occurrence of a tellurate-arsenate additionally revealing the hitherto unknown pyro-cobaltoarsenate group CoAsO?. One oxygen is exclusively connected to octahedrally coordinated cobalt. It is shown that the structure of Co60 2[Te04(C oAs05)2] can be derived step by step from the rock salt structure of CoO. Magnetic measurements using the Faraday technique reveal Curie-Weiss behaviour between 88 and 325 K. Low temperature measurements by a SQUID magnetometer show antiferromagnetism and a relatively low NEEL temperature of 5 K compared to other Co(II) compounds. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 53b, 1109—1114 (1998); eingegangen am 12. Juni 1998 
  Published    1998 
  Keywords    Cobalt, Tellur, Oxide-Arsenate, Magnetism, Structure Relations 
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 TEI-XML for    default:Reihe_B/53/ZNB-1998-53b-1109.pdf 
 Identifier    ZNB-1998-53b-1109 
 Volume    53