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1Author    H. Wagner, D. NusserRequires cookie*
 Title    Nachweis von Corticosteroiden im Fett von Dachs und Murmeltier Detection of Corticosteroids in Fat of Badger and of Alp-Marmot  
 Abstract    In our search for the antiinflammatory activ principles of fat of badger and alp-marmot, used in folk-medicine as remedies against rheumatism and arthritis, eight known corticosteroids have been detected and identified in the lipophilic fraction of body fats of both animals. Enrichment and detection succeeded by using TLC, straight phase HPLC with diode array equipment, HR-GC on OV-1 capillary columns and GC/MS of the methyloxime-trimethylsilylated steroids. The amount of the detected steroids ranges from 30-40 mg/kg. The whole antiinflammatory activity of the fat, as measured in the rat paw edema test, results from these and further hitherto unidentified cortico-steroids. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 43b, 631—633 (1988); eingegangen am 7. Januar 1988 
  Published    1988 
  Keywords    Fat, Badger, Alp-Marmot, Steroids, Corticosteroids 
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 TEI-XML for    default:Reihe_B/43/ZNB-1988-43b-0631.pdf 
 Identifier    ZNB-1988-43b-0631 
 Volume    43 
2Author    HildegardM. Aria, W. Arneck, H. Anns, Ulrich SeitzRequires cookie*
 Title    3 ß-Hydroxysteroid Oxidoreductase in Suspension Cultures of Digitalis lanata EH RH  
 Abstract    A 3 ß-hydroxysteroid oxidoreductase was isolated and characterized in the m icrosomes o f Digitalis lanata cell cultures. The enzyme catalyzes the conversion o f 5a-pregnane-3,20-dione to 5a-pregnan-3 ß-ol-20-one and requires N A D (P)H 2. The enzyme was found to have a pH optimum o f 8.0. The reaction had an optimum incubation temperature o f 25 °C with linear reduction for the first 4 h, reaching maximum enzyme activity after 7 h. Substrate kinetics for 5a-pregnane-3,20-dione and N A D P H 2 resulted in apparent A^-values o f 1 8 .5 -2 0 (iM for 5a-pregnane-3,20-dione and 5 0 -1 2 0 |iM for the co-substrate N A D P H ,. In order to localize 3 ß-hydroxysteroid oxidoreductase differential centrifugation as well as linear sucrose density gradient centrifugation were performed. The results obtained lead to the conclusion that 3 ß-hydroxysteroid oxidoreductase is not associated with a single cell compartment, but con­ sists o f a major soluble part and a markedly smaller part o f endoplasmic reticulum-associated activity. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 45c, 963 (1990); received July 16. 1990 
  Published    1990 
  Keywords    Cell Cultures, Digitalis lanata, 3 ß-Hydroxysteroid Oxidoreductase, Steroids 
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 TEI-XML for    default:Reihe_C/45/ZNC-1990-45c-0963.pdf 
 Identifier    ZNC-1990-45c-0963 
 Volume    45