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1Author    Dietrich Mootz, Lutz KorteRequires cookie*
 Title    Fluoride und Fluorosäuren, VIII [1] Über eine fehlgeordnete feste Phase des SF4 sowie die Kristallstrukturen von Produkten seiner unbeabsichtigten Hydrolyse in Glasapparaturen, SiF4 (Neubestimmung) und SOF2 Fluorides and Fluoro Acids, VIII [1] On a D isordered Solid Phase of SF4 and the Crystal Structures of Products of its U nintentional Hydrolysis in Glass A pparatus, SiF4 (R edeterm ination) and SOF2  
 Abstract    A structural investigation on single crystals o f SF4 yielded the cubic space group F m 3m with a — 676.1(5) pm and Z = 4 and from this cubic close packing and at least sixfold disorder o f isolated m olecules. In one o f the experim ents of manipulating SF4 unintentional hydrolysis o f the com ­ pound in a Duran-glass vacuum line occurred. The products SiF4 and SO F2 could be characterized by structure analysis after a miniature zone-m elting separation and crystal growth in one and the sam e thin-w alled capillary. The results for SiF4 [143m, a = 547.6(1) pm , Z = 2 at —117 °C] confirm earlier work with a higher numerical accuracy. SO F2 crystallizes in the m onoclinic space group P 2j/c with a = 524.7(1), b = 704.9(2), c = 1449.3(4) pm , ß = 97.20(2)° at -1 3 7 °C and Z = 8. Isolated molecules o f pyramidal geom etry are arranged in strongly folded layers with interm olecular S ---0 contacts. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 39b, 1295—1 (1984); eingegangen am 3. April 1984 
  Published    1984 
  Keywords    Sulfur H alides, Silicon Fluoride, Crystal Structures 
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 Identifier    ZNB-1984-39b-1295 
 Volume    39