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1Author    Reinhold Tacke3, M. Atthias Linka, H. Artm Ut Joppienb, LudgerE. Rnstc, G. Esellschaft Für, B. Iotechnologische, Forschung, G. B., M. Ascheroder, W. EgRequires cookie*
 Title    Sila-Pharmaka, 35. Mitt  
 Abstract    [1] Sila-Substitution des Akarizids Fenbutatinoxid und einiger seiner Derivate: Synthese und Eigenschaften von Hexakis[(dimethylphenylsilyl)methyl]distannoxan und Tris[(dimethylphenylsilyl)methyl](l,2,4-triazoI-l-yl)stannan Sila-Pharmaca, 35th Communication [1] Sila-Substitution of the Acaricide Fenbutatinoxide and Some of its Derivatives: Synthesis and Properties of Hexakis[(dimethylphenylsilyl)methyl]distannoxane and Tris[(dim ethylphenylsilyl)m ethyl](l,2,4-triazol-l-yl)stannane Starting from SnCl4. hexasila-fenbutatinoxide (2b) [a silicon analogue o f the acaricide fen­ butatinoxide (2b)] and its derivatives lb and 3b were prepared (SnCl4 —> lb —» 2b —> 3b). The distannoxanes 2a and 2b were found to react very easily with H20 to give the corresponding stan n ols4a and 4b, respectively. In solution (Q ,D ,,or CDC13) the equilibria 2 a/2b + H20 ^ 2 4a/4b were observed ('H N M R). With regard to the system 2a/4a/H20 , this observation is at variance with an earlier report in which the sterically bulky neophyl substituents [C6H 5 (C H 3)2C C H 2] are said to prevent the condensation o f 4a to give 2a. — l b —3b were found to be potent acaricides showing activities similar to those o f their carbon analogues l a —3a (test organisms: adult fem ales o f Tetranychus urticae Koch). 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 41b, 1123—1128 (1986); eingegangen am 2. Mai 1986 
  Published    1986 
  Keywords    Sila-Substitution Fenbutatinoxide H exasila-Fenbutatinoxide, A caricides, Syntheses 
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 Identifier    ZNB-1986-41b-1123 
 Volume    41