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1Author    Jan Diek, Van Mansvelt, Ferdinand AmonsRequires cookie*
 Title    Inquiry into the Limits of Biological Effects of Chemical Compounds in Tissue Culture, I Low Dose Effects of Mercuric Chloride  
 Abstract    Experiments were designed to investigate the low-dose side of the so-called dose-effect relation of mercuric chloride on the proliferation of a murine lymphoblastic cell strain (MB V ia). Three concentration ranges, from 0.9 x 10~5 m to 0.9 x 10-18 m, from 0.9 x 10-12 m to 0.9 x 10-25 m , and from 0.9 x 10-15 M to 0.9 x IO-21 M, in which the concentration decreased stepwise by a factor 10, were studied in 61, 74 and 58 experimental repetitions, respectively. In the first range, the concentrations 0.9 x 10-5 M and 0.9 x 10~6 m HgCl2 proved to be definite­ ly toxic as was expected. However, also 0.9 x 10—16 m and 0.9x i10~17m appeared to be growth-inhibiting, the latter results being confirmed in the second and the third concentration ranges. These differences in cell growth were statistically significant. 
  Reference    (Z. Naturforsch. 30c, 643—649 [1975]; received February 19/April H6 1975) 
  Published    1975 
  Keywords    Mercurichloride, Low-Dose Effect, Drug^Effect Relation, Serial Dilution, Tissue Culture 
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 Identifier    ZNC-1975-30c-0643 
 Volume    30