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1Author    W. D. Rab ErRequires cookie*
 Title    STERIMOL and Its Role in Drug Research  
 Abstract    From the early beginnings of research in syn­ thetic drugs, researchers w ere interested to know the effects of chem ical structure on the p h arm aco ­ logical effects. A s the first system atic studies, the w ork of M eyer (1899) and O verto n (1901) on the narcotic effects of a series of chem icals is re ­ garded, which resulted in their lipoid th eo ry (see: Lipnick, 1986, 1989). A m ong various pro ced u res to calculate the relationship betw een chem ical structure and biological activity, ab b rev iated as Q S A R , the 30 years old H ansch-Fujita approach has been m ost widely and effectively used up to now, in m edicinal chem istry as well as in the field of agrochem icals. In the m eantim e, m any concep­ tual supplem entations and im provem ents as well as m athem atical refinem ents have b een carried out, the m ost im p o rtan t one its extension to three dim ensions. The original form of the H ansch-Fujita equation (H ansch and F ujita, 1964) read 1/logC -a-Ji + b-Ji2 + c -o + d 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 51c, 1—7 (1996); received Septem ber 9/October 27 1995 
  Published    1996 
  Keywords    O SA R, STERIM OL Parameters, Regression Equations, Potosystem II Inhibitors, Herbicidal Activity 
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 Identifier    ZNC-1996-51c-0001 
 Volume    51