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1Author    C. Syldatk, S. Lang, U. Matulovic, F. W. AgnerRequires cookie*
 Title    Production of Four Interfacial Active Rhamnolipids from /i-Alkanes or Glycerol by Resting Cells of Pseudomonas species DSM 2874  
 Abstract    In a simple phosphate buffer or a sodium chloride solution resting cells o f Pseudom onas spec. DSM 2874 produced up to 15 g/1 o f different rham nolipids. The rham nolipid com position o f the organic crude extract depended on the temperature during the cultivation and on the C-source. The optimal sodium chloride concentration for rham nolipid form ation was about 100 mM/1 and the optimal phosphate buffer concentration about 65 mM/1. The optim al pH -value for the production o f rhamnolipids from «-alkanes or glycerol was in the range pH 6.0 -7 . 2 . W hile rhamnolipid formation with glycerol as the sole C-source show ed a w ide optim um ranging from 27 ° up to 37 °C, production o f rhamnolipids from «-alkanes had a sharp optim um at 37 °C. The addition o f multivalent cations, different N -sources and E D T A caused an inhibition o f rhamnolipid formation, while the «-alkane concentration had no influence. Specific rham nolipid formation decreased with increasing cell concentration. Various C-sources were suitable for the formation o f rhamnolipids by resting cells o f Pseudom onas spec. D S M 2874. Yields, which were comparable to those obtained on «-alkanes or glycerol, were found for stearic acid, fatty alcohols and vegetable oils. A study o f the time course o f glycolipid production o f resting cells was carried out in a 20 1-biorcactor with an intensor system and with «-tetradecane as the sole C-source. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 40c, 61—67 (1985); received August 2 0 /0 c to b e r 23 1984 
  Published    1985 
  Keywords    Pseudomonas, Interfacial-Active, Rham nolipids, «-Alkanes, Resting Cells 
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 Identifier    ZNC-1985-40c-0061 
 Volume    40