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1Author    JörgH. Albering, Wolfgang JeitschkoRequires cookie*
 Title    Quaternary Thorium Transition Metal Pnictide Oxides: ThCu^j-PO, ThCuAsO, and Th2Ni3 _xP3 0  
 Abstract    The new compounds T h C u ^ P O and ThCuAsO with ZrCuSiAs-type structure were pre­ pared in well crystallized form by chemical vapor transport reactions. Th2N i3.A :P30 with a new structure type was obtained by reaction o f T h 0 2 with the other elem ental components in an alumina crucible at high temperatures. The crystal structures of the three compounds were determined from single-crystal X-ray data. ThCuj.xPO: P4/nmm, a = 389.43(4), c -828.3(1) pm, R = 0.024 for 13 variable parameters and 338 structure factors; ThCuAsO: P4/ nmm, a = 396.14(5), c = 844.0(1) pm, R = 0.028 (13 variables and 379 F values); Th2Ni3_JP30 : P4/nmm, a = 394.62(4), c = 1723.2(3) pm, R = 0.018 (27 variables and 374 F values). The refinement of the occupancy parameters revealed significant deviations from the ideal values for the transition metal sites for two compounds resulting in the exact compositions ThCu0938(4)PO and Th2N i2 45(nP30 . Magnetic susceptibility measurements indicate Pauli paramagnetism for T hC u^P O . The crystal structures of these compounds are closely related. They belong to a large family o f tetragonal structures of which the ThCr2Si2-and the PbFCl-type structures are well known examples. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 51b, 257 (1996); received July 6 1995 
  Published    1996 
  Keywords    Crystal Structure, Quaternary Thorium-Transition Metal-Pnictide Oxides, Chemical Vapor Transport 
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 Volume    51