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1Author    D. Siebert, R. Miller, S. Fiechter, P. Dulski, A. HartmannRequires cookie*
 Title    An EPR Investigation of Cr 3+ and Ni 2 + in Synthetic Pyrite Crystals  
 Abstract    In many synthetic pyrite single crystals of high quality and purity we could detect Cr 3 + and Ni 2 + by EPR at 78 K as unwanted impurities. The assignment was possible by means of the isotopes Cr 53 and Ni 61 , occurring in natural abundance. The paramagnetic centers exhibit unusual g-values. In case of Ni 2+ a ligand hyperfine interaction could be observed beside the normal hyperfine interaction with the Ni 61 nucleus. For some crystals the Cr 3+ signal intensity could be increased up to ten times by temperature increasement from 78 K to about 100 K. At 78 K the Cr 3+ intensity was quenched by IR irradiation. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 45a, 1267—1272 (1990); received August 4 1990 
  Published    1990 
  Keywords    Pyrite, EPR, Paramagnetic ions, Conductivity 
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 TEI-XML for    default:Reihe_A/45/ZNA-1990-45a-1267.pdf 
 Identifier    ZNA-1990-45a-1267 
 Volume    45