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1Author    E. Schauenstein, J. Gölles, H. W. Altersdorf Er, R. J. SdiaurRequires cookie*
 Title    Association between the Doubling Time of Various Cells and Tissues, and the SH-Content of Their Soluble Proteins  
 Abstract    The num ber of SH-groups of the soluble proteins (Prot-SH) of 12 different types of animal tum ors and of cultivated chicken fibroblasts increases with decreasing doubling tim e (id) ■ Between Prot-SH and id an inverse association was found with a significance level of 99.5%. After 30 min incubation in vitro, 4-hydroxypentenal (H PE) reacts with different am ounts of the Prot-SH of the investigated cells and tissues. It was found that the absolute, as well as the per­ cental amounts of HPE-reactive Prot-SH increase with decreasing fd > each of the respective inverse associations was found to be highly significant. The tum ors were collected in three groups, each with a corresponding range of td and a mean value for Prot-SH . Taking the Prot-SH of the slowest growing tissue (DENA-hepatoma) as the reference value, the increm ents of Prot-SH were cal­ culated for each of the three groups and were found to be strikingly sim ilar to the num ber of HPE-reactive Prot-SH. The single Prot-SH increm ents of the diverse cell and tissue types compared with DENA-hepatoma were found to be highly significantly and inversely associated with the respective Prot-SH decreases caused by H PE. Hence it may be concluded that H PE reacts preferably with those of the Prot-SH which are of some functional importance for tum or growth and, moreover that the attack on those thiols is the more effective the faster the tumor is growing. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 33c, 79 (1978); received A pril 5/O ctober 24 1977 
  Published    1978 
  Keywords    Protein-SH-Groups, Tumors, Doubling Time 
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 Identifier    ZNC-1978-33c-0079 
 Volume    33