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1Author    K. P. Ramesh, J. Ramakrishna, K. S. Suresh, C.Raghavendra RaoRequires cookie*
 Title    Pressure Dependence of the Chlorine NQR in Chloro Pyridines  
 Abstract    The "CI NQR frequency (VQ) and spin lattice relaxation time) in 2,6-dichloropyridine, 2 amino 3,5-dichloropyridine and 6 chloro 2-pyridinol have been measured as a function of pressure up to 5.1 kbar at 300 K, and the data have been analysed to estimate the temperature coefficients of the NQR frequency at constant volume. All the three compounds show a non linear variation of the NQR frequen-cy with pressure which can be described by a 2 nd order polynomial in pressure. The rate of change of the NQR frequency with pressure is positive and decreases with increasing pressure. The spin lattice re-laxation time 7, in all the three compounds shows a small increase with pressure, indicating that the re-laxation is mainly due to the torsional motions. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 55a, 111—116 (2000); received August 25 1999 
  Published    2000 
  Keywords    Chlorine NQR, Spin-Lattice Relaxation Time, Pressure Dependence, 2,6 dichloropyridine, 2-amino 3,5-dichloropyrine, 6-chloro 2-pyridinol 
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 Identifier    ZNA-2000-55a-0111 
 Volume    55