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1Author    Fritz Thümmler, W. Olfhart Rüdiger, Edmund Cmiel, Siegfried SchneiderRequires cookie*
 Title    Chromopeptides from Phytochrome and Phycocyanin. NM R Studies o f the Pfr and P r Chromophore of Phytochrome and EyZ Isomeric Chromophores of Phycocyanin  
 Abstract    Chromopeptides were prepared by pepsin digestion of C-phycocyanin isolated from the cyano­ bacterium Spirulina m axim a and o f phytochrom e isolated from seedlings o f Avena sativa L. The chromopeptides were characterized by am ino acid analysis. The Z Z Z configurated chrom ophore of the phycocyanin peptide was transformed into its Z Z E configurated isom er by the m ethod of Falk et al. (Mh. C hem ie 111, 159—175, 1980) which had previously been applied to biliverdins. The 500 MHz 'H N M R spectrum o f the Z Z E configurated chrom opeptides confirmed that its chromophore has the 15 E configuration. Irradiation yielded the Z Z Z configurated isom er for which the 'H N M R spectrum was also recorded. N ative phytochrom e was irradiated at 660 nm to yield the maximum am ount of the Pfr from (about 75% of total phytochrome). By digestion in the dark the previously described Pfr chrom opeptide was obtained. The 500 MHz 'H N M R spectrum was com pared with that o f the Z Z E phycocyanin peptide. It confirmed the 15 £ con­ figuration of the Pfr chrom opeptide. Irradiation yielded the 15 Z configurated Pr chrom opeptide. Comparison of the high resolution 'H N M R spectra o f Pfr and Pr chrom opeptides revealed that not only the chrom ophore resonances but also those of some amino acids are changed by the Pfr -*■ Pr chrom opeptide phototransform ation. The results are discussed in term s of chrom ophore amino acid interaction. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 38c, 359 (1983); received February 2 1983 
  Published    1983 
  Keywords    Bilipeptides, C-Phycocyanin, High Resolution N M R Spectra, Photoisom erization, Phytochrom e 
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 Identifier    ZNC-1983-38c-0359 
 Volume    38