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1Author    Z. NaturforschRequires cookie*
 Title    Herbicide and Plastoquinone Binding to Photosystem II  
 Abstract    In plastoquinone-depleted thylakoids "D C M U -typ e" herbicides generally have a lower binding affinity as compared to control thylakoids, with the exception o f D C M U itself. Contrary, binding properties o f phenolic herbicides are not affected by plastoquinone depletion. D C M U in plastoquinone-depleted thylakoids can be displaced from the m em brane by various substituted 1,4-benzoquinones, including plastoquinone-1. Labeling patterns by azido-atrazine are com pared for thylakoids, plastoquinone-depleted thylakoids, and different photosystem II preparations from spinach and Chlamydomonas. Azido-atrazine tags a 3 2 -3 4 kD a protein, which seems to be different from another 3 2 -3 4 kDa protein which is preferentially labeled by a plastoquinone-azide. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 39c, 393—396 (1984); received N ovem ber 30 1983 
  Published    1984 
  Keywords    Photoaffinity Label, Plastoquinone D epletion, Photosystem II Particles, Chlam ydom onas 
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 Identifier    ZNC-1984-39c-0393 
 Volume    39