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1Author    P. He, A. Radunz, K. P. Bader, G. H. SchmidRequires cookie*
 Title    Quantitative Changes of the Lipid and Fatty Acid Composition of Leaves of Aleurites montana as a Consequence of Growth under 700 ppm C 0 2 in the Atmosphere  
 Abstract    Leaf lipids of Aleurites plants that were cultivated for 5 months in air containing 700 ppm C 0 2, were compared to those of control plants cultivated at 350 ppm C 0 2. The content of ether soluble lipids referred to dry matter is the same in C 0 2-and control plants. The com ­ parison of lipids analyzed as the pigments chlorophyll and carotenoids, phospholipids and glycolipids shows that the ratio of phospholipids and glycolipids is slightly shifted in favor of phospholipids in C 0 2-plants. Thus, within the group o f phospholipids, phosphatidylglycerol and phosphatidylinositol occur in higher concentrations in CÖ2-plants. Although the differences in the lipid content appear moderate in C 0 2-and control plants, it is the saturation degree of fatty acids that differs substantially. The fatty acids of C 0 2-plants contain according to the higher phospholipid content approx. 5% more saturated fatty acids. Stearic acid is three-fold increased. W hereas in the phospholipid fraction saturated fatty acids comprise one half of all fatty acids, the unsaturated fatty acids make up for 80 to 90% in the glycolipid fraction. In C 0 2-plants not only in the phospholipid fraction but also in the glycolipid fraction saturated fatty acids occur in a higher portion. This means that not only in the cell membrane of C 0 2-plants but also in the thylakoid membrane the fluidity is decreased. Also in the wax-fraction long-chained carbonic acids with 2 0 -2 6 carbon atoms occur. A s the portion of these carbonic acids is twice as high in C 0 2-plants, it is concluded that a stronger formation of the wax layers exists in C 0 2-plants. By means of Western blotting and by the use of lipid and carotenoid antisera the binding of lipids onto proteins of photosystem II and photosystem I was analyzed. It is seen that besides the major amount of lipids which build up the thylakoid membrane, som e lipids are also bound to membrane peptides. Whereas monogalactolipid is bound to the LHCP-com-plex peptides, to the O E C r peptide and the 43 and 47 kDa chlorophyll binding peptides, the anionic lipids sulfoquinovosyldiglyceride and phosphatidylglycerol and digalactolipid are bound to the core peptides of PS II and PS I. ß-carotene and the xanthophylls were found to be bound to the core peptides and ß-carotene and violaxanthin were also bound to the light-harvesting pigment complex. A bbreviations: PS I, photosystem I; PS II, photosystem II; LHCP, light harvesting pigment protein complex; M GDG, monogalactosyldiglyceride; D G D G , digalacto-syldiglyceride; O E Q , oxygen evolution complex peptide (33 kDa); PAGE, polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis; Tris-HCl, tris[hydroxymethyl]amino-methane; SDS, so­ dium dodecylsulfate, EDTA, ethylendiamine tetraacetic acid; DTT, dithiothreitol; BPB, bromophenol blue (3,3',5,5'-Tetrabromphenolsulfone phthalein); Tricine, (N-tris[Hydroxymethyl]methylglycine). 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 51c, 833—8 (1996); received October 2/October 29 1996 
  Published    1996 
  Keywords    Aleurites montana, Leaf Lipids, Glycolipids, Phospholipids, Chlorophyll 
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 Identifier    ZNC-1996-51c-0833 
 Volume    51