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1Author    Frank Weller, Irene Pauls, K. Urt Dehnicke, Gerd BeckerRequires cookie*
 Title    Die  
 Abstract    Reaktionen von Wolframhexachlorid mit überschüssigem 2,2-Dimethylpropylidinphosphan; die Kristallstrukturen von WC15P2(C5H9)3, WC14P5(C5H 9)s und |C3(C4H9)3| +|WC1S(C4H9C -C C 4H9)|-The Reactions of Tungsten Hexachloride with Excess 2,2-Dimethylpropylidynephosphane; the Crystal Structures of WC15P2(C5H9)3, WC14P5(C5H 9)5, and [C3(C4H9)3]+[WC15(C4H9C = C C 4H 9)]- The reaction of tungsten hexachloride with excess 2,2-dimethylpropylidynephosphane, C4H9-C = P , leads to the tungsten phosphaalkyne clusters WC15P2(C5H9)3 and WC14P5(C5H9)5, as well as to the tris(/'-butyl)cyclopropenium pentachloro tungsten alkyne complex [C3(C4H9)3]+[WC15(C4H9C=CC4H9)]-. All complexes were characterized by X-ray structure determinations. WC15P2(C5H9)3: Space group P 2,/«, Z = 8, 4653 observed unique reflexions, R = 0.033. Lat­ tice dimensions at 20 C: a = 1577.8(2), b = 1661.3(1), c = 1869.8(2) pm, ß = 110.64(1)°. The compound has a molecular structure, in which the tungsten atom is surrounded by three chlo­ rine atoms, three carbon atoms with W -C distances of 182, 230, and 231 pm. and by one phosphorus atom with W -P = 246 pm. WC14P5(C5H9)5: Space group P2,/c, Z = 4, 3517 observed unique reflexions, R = 0.043. Lat­ tice dimensions at 20 °C: a = 1770.0(2), b = 1032.9(2), c = 1876.0(3) pm, ß = 102.86(1)°. The complex has a molecular structure, in which the tungsten atom is surrounded by two chlorine atoms, two carbon atoms with W -C distances of 189 and 215 pm, as well as by four phospho­ rus atoms with W -P distances of 242, 250, 264, and 268 pm. [C3(C4H9)3]*[WC15(C4H9C=CC4H9)] : Space group P2l/c', Z = 4, 3284 observed unique re­ flexions, R = 0.052. Lattice dimensions at 20 °C: a = 941.5(3), b = 1762.2(6), c = 1903.5(7) pm, ß = 92.27(3)°. The compound consists of tris(/-butyl)cyclopropenium ions, and anions [WC15(C4H9C=CC4H9)]_, in which the bis(r-butyl)alkyne ligand is coordinated side-on, corre­ sponding to a cyclopropene type structure with W -C distances of 198 pm. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 46b, 519—529 (1991); eingegangen am 8. November 1990 
  Published    1991 
  Keywords    Phosphaalkyne Clusters of Tungsten, Syntheses, Crystal Structure 
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 Identifier    ZNB-1991-46b-0519 
 Volume    46