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 Title    On the Nonexistence of a Simple  
 Abstract    ^-O xo-diphosphorane Involving two 1,3.5.7-Tetram ethyl-''-phospha-spiro[3.3]heptane-2.6-dione Groupings: Preparation and Structure of a A5P —O —A5P D iphosphorane Doubly Bridged with N .N '-D im ethylurea D ietm ar Schomburg3 +, Ulrich W erm uthb und Reinhard Schmutzlerb * a G esellschaft für B iotechnologische Forschung mbH, M ascheroder W eg The reaction between the spiro-chlorophosphorane, [ 0 = C (N M e)2]2PX (X = C l), and the related trimethylsiloxy com pound (X = O SiM e3) was expected to give rise to the formation o f a ^-oxo-bis(spirophosphorane), [ [ 0 = C (N M e)2]2P]20 . Instead, an isom er o f the expected com ­ pound, with two N.N '-dim ethylurea bridges across a A5P —O —A5P bond system was obtained. The identity o f the product was established by spectroscopic means (IR , N M R . mass spectroscopy), and by a single crystal X-ray diffraction study. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 41b, 207 (1986); eingegangen am 8. Juli/17. O ktober 1985 
  Published    1986 
  Keywords    Penta-co-ordinate Phosphorus, X -R ay, Crystal Structure 
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 Identifier    ZNB-1986-41b-0207 
 Volume    41