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1Author    Nils Wiberg, Angelika Wörner, Hans-Wolfram Lerner, Konstantin Karaghiosoff1, Heinrich Nöth1Requires cookie*
 Title    Darstellung  
 Abstract    , Struktur und Reaktivität des Pentaphosphids (/Bu3Si)3P5Na2 und des Pentaphosphans (fBu3Si)3P5 [2] Supersilyl Compounds of Phosphorus, V [1]. Preparation, Structure, and Reactivity of the Pentaphosphide (?Bu3Si)3P5Na2 and the Pentaphosphane (?Bu3Si)3P5 [2] The orange THF adduct (fBu3Si)3 P5Na2(THF)4 of the pentaphosphide (rBu3Si)3P5Na2 (3) has been prepared, (i) by protolysis of the tetraphosphide (?Bu3Si)2P4Na2(THFj;! (2) with CF3C 0 2H in THF (molar ratio 2 : 1) , (ii) by dissolving crystalline 2 in toluene, and (iii) by the reaction of P4 with /Bu3 SiNa(THF)2 in benzene (molar ratio 1 : 4). According to an X-ray structural analysis, the THF adduct of 3 contains a P3 ring with two PNa(Si?Bu3) substituents in cis position and one SifBu3 substituent in trans position to the former groups. The protolysis of 3 with CF3C 0 2H leads to the pentaphosphane P5 H2(SifBu3) 3 (9), the silylation of 3 with Me2SiCl2 to the pentaphosphane P5(SiMe2)(Si?Bu3) 3 (10), and the oxidation of 3 with C2(CN)4 to the pentaphosphane P5 (Si/Bu3) 3 (5). The structures of 3,5,9, and 10 have been assigned from 1|P and ~4Si NMR data. The pentaphosphane 5 contains a hitherto unknown Ps backbone of a P3 ring anellated with a P4 ring. Supersilylverbindungen des Phosphors, V [1]. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 53b, 1004—1014 (1998); eingegangen am 17. April 1998 
  Published    1998 
  Keywords    Silicon, Phosphorus, Supersilyl, Oligophosphides and -phosphanes, NMR Data, X-Ray Data 
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 Volume    53