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1Author    Taro Eguchi, Koichi Mano, Nobuo NakamuraRequires cookie*
 Abstract    p p lic a tio n o f M a x im u m E n tro p y M e th o d (M E M) f o r P r e c is e D e te r m in a tio n o f N Q R F re q u e n c ie s The maximum entropy method (MEM) is applied to the analysis of the closely spaced nuclear quadrupole resonance spectra of 35C1 in hexachlorobenzene and 14N in frarts-azobenzene. The superiority of the MEM to usual FFT spectra is discussed with respect to the precision of frequency measurements and the noise characteristics in broad and noisy NQR spectra. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 44a, 15—18 (1989); received November 3 1988 
  Published    1989 
  Keywords    Maximum Entropy Method, Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance, Phase Transition, Spec­ tral Analysis 
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 TEI-XML for    default:Reihe_A/44/ZNA-1989-44a-0015.pdf 
 Identifier    ZNA-1989-44a-0015 
 Volume    44