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1Author    J. Seliger, V. ŽagarRequires cookie*
 Title    A New Nuclear-Quadrupole Double-Resonance Technique based on Solid Effect  
 Abstract    A new nuclear-quadrupole double-resonance technique is described. It has a higher sensitivity and a higher resolution than the conventional nuclear-quadrupole double-resonance technique based on solid effect. The new technique involves magnetic field cycling between a high and a low static magnetic field and simultaneous application of two //magnetic fields when the sample is in the low static magnetic field. A strong rf magnetic field induces "forbidden" simultaneous transitions in a magnetic (usually 1 H) and in a quadrupole spin system and thus couples the two spin systems. A weak//magnetic field induces transitions between the energy levels of the quadrupole nuclei and simulates a fast spin-lattice relaxation of the quadrupole nuclei when its frequency matches an NQR frequency. The sensitivity and resolution of the new technique are discussed and test measurements in tris-sarcosine calcium chloride are presented. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 52a, 337—342 (1997); received October 9 1996 
  Published    1997 
  Keywords    NQR, NMR, Double Resonance, Magnetic Field Cycling, Solid Effect 
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 Identifier    ZNA-1997-52a-0337 
 Volume    52