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1Author    Rolf Wüst, Trygve Kolberg, Alvaro Palma, Alfredo PalmaRequires cookie*
 Title    A Hydrodynamic Model of Cerebrospinal Fluid Flow in Man  
 Abstract    A hydrodynamic bi-compartmental model for the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) flow in hum ans is presented which combines anatomical and physiological conditions in the central nervous system with results of special radioisotope diagnostic techniques. N orm al and disturbed conditions, the diagnostic methods and the results are explained. A differential equation for the time behaviour of regional radioisotope concentrations is derived by applying to the model m athem atical procedures which are fam iliar from the description o f radioactive decay series, or reaction kinetics of chemical or pharmaceutical processes. The solutions are analysed and discussed with respect to findings o f isotope diagnostics, and param eters for the com plete and quantitative evaluation of CSF flow systems are derived. A system factor is introduced for classification purposes and, in conjunction with basic principles o f hydrodynam ics, is used to postulate a similarity law of CSF flow systems. The diagnostical and therapeutical value of the model for analysis and simulation of CSF flow systems is discussed. Practical applications to other disciplines are proposed. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 35c, 326—339 (1980); received January 16 1978/September 24 1979 
  Published    1980 
  Keywords    Cerebrospinal Fluid Dynamics, Hydrodynamic Bi-Com partm ental Model, M athem atical Analysis, Cerebrospinal Fluid Flow Parameters, Radioisotope Serial Scanning 
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 Identifier    ZNC-1980-35c-0326 
 Volume    35