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1Author    Anja Loose, WilliamS. SheldrickRequires cookie*
 Title    Solventothermal Synthesis of the Lamellar Selenidostannates(IV) A2Sn4Se9*H20 (A = Rb, Cs) and Cs2Sn2Se6  
 Abstract    Reaction of A 2C O 3 with Sn and Se in an H 2O /CH 3OH mixture at 115 -130°C affords the isotypic lamellar selenidostannates A2Sn4Se9-H20 1 (A = Rb) and 2 (A = Cs). The polyanions ^ [Sn4Se92~] exhibit S ^ S e s molecular building units, in which two adjacent Sn(IV) atoms of an Sn4Se4 8-membered ring are bridged by an additional Se atom. These units connect through (SnSe)2 4-mem bered rings to afford a 44 anionic net with 16-membered cavities. Cs2Sn2Se6 (3) may be prepared by methanolothermal reaction of CstCO^ with SnSe and Se at 130°C and contains porous 2 [SnTSeö2 -] sheets in which [SnSes--] ribbons are linked through Se-Se bonds. The resulting 4 net displays 14-membered pores in which the Cs cations reside. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 53b, 349—354 (1998); received December 29 1997 
  Published    1998 
  Keywords    Tin, Selenium, Selenidostannates(IV), Lamellar Structures, Solventothermal Synthesis 
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 Volume    53