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1Author    Yoshio Kume, Maki Tokoro, Tetsuo Asaji, Ryuichi Ikeda, Daiyu NakamuraRequires cookie*
 Title    Reorientational Motion of Hydrogen Bonded Octahedral Complex Anions in Hydrazinium Hexachlorostannate(IV), (N 2 H 5 ) 2 SnCl 6 , as Studied by 35 C1 NQR Spin-Lattice Relaxation Measurements  
 Abstract    The temperature dependences of NQR frequencies and spin-lattice relaxation times, T1Q, of 35 C1 in (N2H5)2SnCl6 were measured. Four NQR signals distributed in a fairly wide frequency range were observed, the lowest-frequency line exhibiting an anomalous positive temperature coefficient. The highest-frequency line showed a steep temperature dependence. These results could be interpreted by considering the intermolecular interaction between CI and -NH2 in N2H^. Below ca. 250 K, T1Q of the upper three signals exhibited a gradual decrease upon heating, explainable by lattice vibra-tions, while a shallow Tig minimum, ascribable to the modulation of electric quadrupole interaction, was observed at ca. 11ÖK for the lowest-frequency signal. The reorientation of [SnCl6] 2 ~ was elucidated to be highly anisotropic, in that it reorients about one of the CI-Sn-Cl axes much more frequently than about the other two axes. The activation energies were determined to be 62 and 94 kj mol -1 for the respective reorientations. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 47a, 288—292 (1992); received July 17 1991 
  Published    1992 
  Keywords    Key word: Spin-Lattice Relaxation, NQR, NMR, Reorientational Motion, Hydrogen Bond 
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 Identifier    ZNA-1992-47a-0288 
 Volume    47