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1Author    Yukihiro Yoshimura, Seiji Sawamura, Yoshihiro TaniguchiRequires cookie*
 Abstract    f fe c ts o f P r e s s u r e , T e m p e r a tu r e , a n d C o n c e n tr a tio n o n th e V is c o s ity o f A q u e o u s A m m o n iu m B ro m id e S o lu tio n Dedicated to Prof. Hitoshi Ohtaki on the occasion of his 60th birthday The viscosity of aqueous ammonium bromide solutions is measured at 0.1-1.0 mol kg-1, 278.2-323.2 K, and 0.1-375 MPa, using a high-pressure rolling-ball viscometer. The activation energy (£v) for viscous flow and Jones-Dole's B coefficient are estimated. Ev against pressure yields a concave curve with a minimum and B yields a convex one with a maximum. These phenomena are attributed to pressure, temperature, and concentration effects on the water-structure. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 50a, 316—322 (1995); received December 14 1994 
  Published    1995 
  Keywords    Viscosity, High pressure, Ammonium bromide, Activation energy, Jones-Dole's B coef­ ficient 
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 Identifier    ZNA-1995-50a-0316 
 Volume    50