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1Author    Karl-Heinz TytkoRequires cookie*
 Title    Über den Mechanismus der Bildung von Polyanionen in wäßriger Lösung. Zum Bildungsmechanismus eines Polytetramolybdations [Mo4014 4-]» On the Mechanism of Formation of Polyanions in Aqueous Solution. Concerning the Mechanism of Formation of a Polytetramolybdate Ion [Mo4014 4 ~]«  
 Abstract    Possible structures and the pertinent reaction pathways for the polymetalate ion present in a slightly soluble polymetalate having the analytical formula A20 • 2 MO3 have been derived on the basis of theoretical considerations. Structure and kind of combination of the tetrameric units of one of the possibilities are in agreement with the results of X-ray structure analyses. First the previously proposed planar tetrametalate ion [M40i2(0H)4] 4_ is formed by stepwise aggregation according to an addition mechanism. This species undergoes a rearrangement of the coordination sphere of two of the M atoms and is then subject to a poly condensation resulting in a polytetrametalate chain, [M40i4 4_ ]n. 
  Reference    (Z. Naturforsch. 31b, 737—748 [1976]; eingegangen am 2. Januar/16. Dezember 1975) 
  Published    1976 
  Keywords    Isopolyanions, Isopolymolybdates, Reaction Mechanisms, Polymetalate Structures 
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 TEI-XML for    default:Reihe_B/31/ZNB-1976-31b-0737.pdf 
 Identifier    ZNB-1976-31b-0737 
 Volume    31