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1Author    Sima Rabbani, Erwin RiedelRequires cookie*
 Title    Verteilung und Valenz der Kationen im Spinellsystem ZnFeGa04-F e 2G a 0 4 Distribution and Valence of the Cations in the Spinel System Z n F eG a 0 4-F e 2G a 0 4  
 Abstract    For the spinel system Zn1_A ;F e^ G a/l(Fe1+/lG a1_ /l)04 the index X has been determined by X-ray measurements: X = 0 in the region 0 < x < 0,35; the increase of X to 0,62 within 0,35 < x < 1 is nearly linear. The distribution of Fe2+ and Fe3+ ions over the lattice sites has been derived from lattice constants and ionic distances, and also by Mössbauer spectroscopy. In the spinels with x < 0,3 the tetrahedral sites are preferably occupied by Fe2+ ions, for x > 0,5 Fe3+ ions dominate. At x = 0,4 the occupation of the lattice sites by iron ions is statistical, the high temperature Mössbauer spectrum shows a single line only. All spinels are n-type hopping conductors mainly conducting via the octahedral sites. 
  Reference    (Z. Naturforsch. 51b, 47—51 [1996]; eingegangen am 30. Juni 1995) 
  Published    1996 
  Keywords    Iron Gallium Spineis, Cation Distribution, Valence Distribution, Mössbauer Spectra, Seebeck Coefficients 
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 Identifier    ZNB-1996-51b-0047 
 Volume    51