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1Author    Armin Weiss, Gerd Beil, Heinrich MeyerRequires cookie*
 Title    The Topochemical Reaction of CaSi2 to a Two-Dimensional Subsiliceous Acid Si6H3(OH)3 (= Kautskys' Siloxene)  
 Abstract    Kautsky's siloxene was prepared in a topochemical reaction from large crystals of CaSi2. The structure model was revised. Siloxene is a subsiliceous acid [Sie]H3(OH)3 and consists of two-dimensional corrugated Si-layers with three Si-Si bonds per silicon and an OH-or H-ligand, respectively. Ordering of adjacent layers is turbostratic. The layer lattice is capable of forming intercalation complexes. On intercalation only the layer distance is changed. The alkoxylated derivatives Si6H3(OCH3)3" and Si6H3(OC2H5)3" are also able to inter-calate polar molecules. 
  Reference    (Z. Naturforsch. 35b, 25—30 [1980]; eingegangen am 24. August 1979) 
  Published    1980 
  Keywords    Topochemical Reaction, Calciumdisilicide, Subsiliceous Acid, Siloxene, Intercalation Reactions 
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 Identifier    ZNB-1980-35b-0025 
 Volume    35