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1Author    V. Iktor, P. B. Aryshok, D. Evard, I. Stom, D. Ietrich, W. Erner, M. Ichail, G. V. OronkovRequires cookie*
 Title    Wirkung von Silatranen auf Wachstum, Sauerstoffentwicklung und Dunkelatmung von Cyclotella cryptica (Diatomeae)  
 Abstract    T he Effect o f S ilatranes on G row th, P hotosynthetic O xygen E volution an d D ark R espiration o f Cyclotella cryptica (D iatom eae) R ichard R oth The effect o f 5 silatranes RSi (OCH 2 CH2)3N , where R = C 2 H 50 ; C6H 5; C1CH2 and R Si[O C H (C H 3)C H 2 ]3N , where R = C6H5, C1CH2 and tetraethoxysilane were studied on the growth, photosynthetic oxygen evolution and dark respiration o f the marine centric diatom C yclotella cryptica. Both silica-free and Si(O H) 4 supplem ented m edia were used. Only 1-ethoxy-silatrane was hydrolyzed by the diatom , giving sufficient quantities o f Si(O H) 4 to m aintain growth without exogenous Si(O H)4. In this case the diatom s m ultiplied by a factor o f 18 within 48 h. W ith silica in the m edium , 1-phenylsilatrane, 1 -phenyl-3,7,10-trim ethylsilatrane, 1 -chlormethylsilatrane and 1-chlorm ethyl-3,7 ,10-trimethylsilatrane exhibited only slightly inhibitory activity. In contrast, however, tetraethoxysilane (5 • 10-4 mol/1) inhibited growth almost com pletely. Respiration was unaffected by all the silatranes tested, but net photosynthetic oxygen evolution was reduced by approx. 50% by 1-chlorm ethylsilatrane and 1-chlormethyl-3,7,10-trimethylsilatrane and almost com pletely by 1-phenylsilatrane and 1 -phenyl-3,7,10-tri-methylsilatrane. In the absence o f silica as nutrient in the m edium , the silatranes hardly affected dark respiration within 24 h. Conversely, the same samples showed no photosynthetic oxygen evolution after 24 h, and 24 h later again a negative 0 2 balance was produced in the light. Different silatranes produced significant differences in the final oxygen balance. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 38c, 39 (1983); received September 3 1982 
  Published    1983 
  Keywords    Cyclotella cryptica, Silatranes, Inhibition o f Photosynthesis, Inhibition o f Dark Respiration 
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 Identifier    ZNC-1983-38c-0039 
 Volume    38