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1Author    Andreas Mommertz, Roland Leo, Werner Massa, Kurt DehnickeRequires cookie*
 Title    Uber die Reaktion von Bis(f-butylamino)dimethylsilan mit Titantetrachlorid. Kristallstrukturen des Imido-Komplexes [TiCl2 (N-CMe3 )(H2 N-CMe3 )(CH3CN)]2 und des Ketimido-Komplexes [TiCl3 {NC(Me)N(H)CMe3}(CH3CN)2 ]  
 Abstract    On the Reaction of Bis(f-butylamino)dimethylsilane with Titanium Tetrachloride. Crystal Structures of the Imido Complex [TiCl->(N-CMe3)(H-,N-CMe3)(CH3CN)]2 and of the Ketimido Complex [TiCl3{NC(Me)N(H)CMe3}(CH3CN)2] The reaction of bis(f-butylamino)dimethylsilane with titanium tetrachloride in dichloro­ methane solution leads to a mixture of compounds from which the imido complex (H3N-CMe3)2[TiCl3(N-CMe3)]2 (1) and by extraction of the residue with acetonitrile the imido complex [TiCl2(N-CMe3)(H2N-CMe3)(CH3CN)]2 (2) can be isolated. 1 reacts with acetonitrile to give the ketimido complex [TiCl3{NC(Me)N(H)CMe3}(CH3CN)2] (3). According to crystal structure determinations 2 consists of centrosymmetric dimeric molecules containing TiCl2Ti bridges, the N-CMe3~ ligands being in equatorial positions with TiN bond lengths of 168.8(4) pm which corresponds to double bonds. In the monomeric complex 3 the chloro ligands are in meridional positions of the distorted octahedrally coordinated titanium atom with a TiN bond length of 175.7(2) pm of the ketimido ligand. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 53b, 887—892 (1998); eingegangen am 27. April 1998 
  Published    1998 
  Keywords    Titanium, Imido Complex, Ketimido Complex, Crystal Structure 
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 Identifier    ZNB-1998-53b-0887 
 Volume    53