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1Author    Yüniu Bai, M. Athias Noltemeyer, H. Erbert, W. RoeskyRequires cookie*
 Title    Synthese und Strukturen von Monoalkylamiden und -imiden des Titans Synthesis and Structures o f M onoalkylam ides and -imides of Titanium  
 Abstract    A new method for the preparation o f m onoalkylam ides o f com position Cp'TiCl2N H R is reported. M e3SnN H R (R = /Bu l a , CH/Pr-, lb) reacts with Cp'TiCl3 with elimination o f M e3SnCl to yield Cp'TiCLNHR (2) (2a: Cp' = C 5H 5, R = /Bu, 2b: Cp' = M e3SiC5H 4, R = t Bu, 2c: Cp' = (M e3Si)?C 5H 3, R = /Bu, 2d: Cp' = M e4C5H, R = /Bu, 2e: Cp' = M e5C5, R = t Bu, 2f: Cp' = C5H 5, R = CH/Pr2, 2g: Cp' = M e3SiC5H 4, R = CH/Pr2, 2h: Cp' = (M e3Si)2C5H3, R = CH/Pr2, 2i: Cp' = M e4C5H , R = CH/Pr2, 2j: Cp' = M e5C5, R = CH/Pr2). Compounds 2 a -2 j are stable and eliminate HC1 only in the presence o f a strong base to form (C5H 5T iC lN /B u)2 (3a) or (M e3SiC5H4T iC lN /B u)2 (3b) from 2 a and 2b, respectively. In 3a the chlorine atom s are substituted by N H /B u groups in boiling T H F by means o f L iN H /Bu to give (C5H 5T iN H /B uN /B u)2 (4). The reactions o f 2 e and 2b with L iN (SiM e3)2-Et20 in the presence o f pyridine yield M e5C5T iC lN /B u • Py (5 a) (Py = pyridine) and M e3SiC5H4T iC lN /B u P y (5 b), respectively. Com pounds 2 e and 5 a have been characterized by X-ray crystal structural analysis. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 46b, 1357 (1991); eingegangen am 22. März 1991 
  Published    1991 
  Keywords    X -Ray, Synthesis, Titanium, Amides, Imides 
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 Identifier    ZNB-1991-46b-1357 
 Volume    46