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1Author    Uwe Homberg, Joachim ErberRequires cookie*
 Title    Response Characteristics and Identification of Extrinsic Mushroom Body Neurons of the Bee  
 Abstract    The activity o f single neurons with constant discharge frequencies in the area around the a-lobe o f the mushroom bodies o f the bee was recorded intracellularly. The spontaneous discharge fre­ quency o f these neurons ranged between 5 and 95 im pulses per second. W hen stimulated, about 80 percent o f the neurons responded to at least one o f five different sensory modalities: scent; light; air current to the antennae; sugar water applied to the antennae and to the proboscis. 45 percent o f the neurons responded to two or more m odalities, these multimodal neurons are com ­ mon in the median protocerebrum o f the bee. The differentiated response pattern o f the cells does not allow a simple classification. Som e o f the neurons were identified after the injection o f the flu­ orescent dye Procion yellow. W e found 4 neurons with arborizations in the a-lobe and the calyces o f the mushroom bodies. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 34c, 612 (1979); received April 12 1979 
  Published    1979 
  Keywords    Bee, Brain, M ushroom Bodies, Electrophysiology, Identified Neurons 
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 Volume    34