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1Author    P. Wodniecki, B. Wodniecka, M. Marszalek, A. Z. HrynkiewiczRequires cookie*
 Title    PAC Studies of Ag-Hf Intermetallic Compounds  
 Abstract    The hyperfine quadrupole interaction of 181 Ta and 111 Cd probes in HfAg and HfiAg com-pounds was studied at 24 to 1100 K with the time -differential perturbed angular correlation (TDPAC) technique. The EFGs measured in HfAg on 181 Ta and m Cd are 1.388(5)x 10 18 VcnT 2 and 0.340(5)x 10 lx Vcm -2 , respectively. For both probe atoms a linear decrease of the EFG with temperature was observed with slopes 1.1 l(2)x 10 -4 KT 1 and 1.73(5)x 10~ 4 KT 1 for 181 Ta and "'Cd, respectively. In Hf 2 Ag, 0.469(2)x 10 18 VcnT 2 was determined on 181 Ta nuclei and 0.428(5)x 10 18 Vcm -2 on '"Cd. Also a linear EFG temperature dependence with the large slope of 2.39(6)x 10 -4 K" 1 was observed for "'Cd probes in Hf 2 Ag, while the EFG measured on l8l Ta nuclei in this compound exhibits a very weak temperature variation which can be fitted neither with a linear T nor a T ?/2 dependence. In all cases the electronic contributions to the EFG are very small indicating that these transition element systems do not obey the universal correlation between the electronic and the ionic EFG observed in numerous other systems not belonging to the transition metal series. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 51a, 437—441 (1996); received November 20 1995 
  Published    1996 
  Keywords    Hyperfine interactions, perturbed angular correlations, electric field gradient, inter-metallic compounds, Ag-Hf system 
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 Volume    51