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1Author    J. Heimbrecht, K. Levsen, H. SchwarzRequires cookie*
 Title    and their [M-CH3] + Fragments  
 Abstract    In contrast to the corresponding butyl ions the [M-CH3]+ ions from isomeric pentyl-benzenes do not isomerise completely to a mixture of interconverting structures prior to decomposition. 
  Reference    (Z. Naturforsch. 31b, 1299—1300 [1976]; received June 3 1976) 
  Published    1976 
  Keywords    Collisional Activation Spectra, Isomerisation, Mass Spectra, Hydrocarbons 
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 TEI-XML for    default:Reihe_B/31/ZNB-1976-31b-1299_n.pdf 
 Identifier    ZNB-1976-31b-1299_n 
 Volume    31