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1Author    Di, Stephanie Janeda, Dietrich MootzRequires cookie*
 Title    Di-bis Pentahydrate von fünf Alkylendiaminen. Eine Fallstudie zu ein-und zweidimensionalen Wasserpolymeren in Festkörpern [1]-to Pentahydrates of Five Alkylenediamines. A Case Study of One-and Two-Dimensional Water Polymers in Solids [1]  
 Abstract    The crystal structures of five low-melting hydrates of »-alkane-a,u;-diamines, H2N(CH2)"NH2 • x H20 , for short C" ■ x W, have been determined. As a common feature, the water molecules are mutually linked by hydrogen bonds O-H -O to form low-dimensional polymers. These are a meandering chain in C2 • 2 W (space group I 2la, Z -4 formula units per unit cell), a zig zag chain in C6 • 2 W (P 2,/c, Z = 2), a ribbon of consecutively condensed five-membered rings in C3 • 3 W (P 2,/c, Z = 4) and a layer of condensed and spiro-linked rings of varying size each in C7 • 3 W (P i, Z = 4) and C4 • 5 W (C 21c, Z = 4). Further hydrogen bonding, between the water polymers and the bifunctional amine molecules, leads to overall connectivities which are three-dimensional in each structure. 
  Reference    (Z. Naturforsch. 54b, 103—108 [1999]; eingegangen am 7. September 1998) 
  Published    1999 
  Keywords    Amine Hydrates, Hydrates, Melting Diagram, Water Polymers, Hydrogen Bonding 
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 Identifier    ZNB-1999-54b-0103 
 Volume    54