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1Author    Cristina Maria, Marcucci3, Federico Ferreres3, AngelaRamalho Custódiob, MarciaM C Ferreirac, Stefanova Vassya, Cristina Bankovad, WalterAntonio García-Viguera3, Bretz6Requires cookie*
 Title    Evalution of Phenolic Compounds in Brazilian Propolis from Different Geographic Regions  
 Abstract    Chem om etrics has been shown quite efficient to uncover relationships between chemical composition of a sample and its geographical origin. Forty propolis samples originated from the the South and South E ast of Brazil were analyzed by H P L C and 18 compounds of interest were studied which included: caffeic, p-coum aric and ferulic acids, and some of their derivatives, pinobanksin, a derivative of kaempferol and five phenolic compounds (assigned as 3-prenyl-4-hydroxycinnamic acid (P H C A); 2,2-dim ethyl-6-carboxyethnyl-2H -l-benzopy-ran (D C B E); 3,5-diprenyl-4-hydroxycinnamic acid (D H C A); compound E (still unknown) and 6-propenoic-2,2-dim ethyl-8-prenyl-2H-l-benzopyran acid (D P B). Principal Component Analysis (P C A) indicated three different groups of propolis samples, having the same typical chrom atogram , evaluated by H PLC . Samples from the South E ast group were rich in deriva­ tives of kaempferol. Samples from the South group I had a high content of D P B compound, but a low concentration of kaempferol derivatives and of D C B E N compound. Samples from the South group II were characterized by a high concentration of D C B E N , D H C A , p-coum -aric and D P B compounds. Therefore, the identification of new compounds in Brazilian prop­ olis can give useful information about the plant sources of a given geographic region. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 55c, 76—8 (2000); received August 26/Septem ber 21 1999 
  Published    2000 
  Keywords    Propolis, High Perform ane Liquid Chromatography, Phenolic Compounds, Chemometrics, Principal Components 
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