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1Author    Christian Robl, M. Ona FrostRequires cookie*
 Title    Na6[TeMo60 24l ' 22 H20 -A Layered Heteropoly Compound with the Chain-Like Polycation {N a3(H 20 ) n }^/,+  
 Abstract    Colourless triclinic single crystals of N a6[TeMo60 24] • 22 H-,0 were grown from aqueous so­ lution (space group P i, a = 1030.89(9), 6 = 1056.7(1), c = 1106.32(9) pm, a = 90.120(7), ß = 115.220(6), 7 = 105.195(7) , Z = 1, 295 K, 336 param eters, 3181 reflections, Rg = 0.0186). There are three crystallographically independent N a+ cations. Two of them are coordinated octahedrally by water molecules only. The third N a+ cation is bound to five H 20 and one oxy­ gen atom (0(4)) belonging to the Anderson-Evans type anion [TeMo60 24]6~. The sodium-cen­ tered coordination octahedra are linked by common edges exclusively formed by water mole­ cules to yield chain-like polycations {Na-,(H20) ,,} ^ + which are bound by the N a (l) -0 (4) con­ tact to the anions situated on crystallographic centers o f inversion forming a layer-like arrangement. Further connections "between the polycations and the [TeM o60 24]6" anions are established by hydrogen bonds involving all the oxygen atom s of the anion except 0(4) as al­ most equivalent proton acceptors regardless of their bonding mode to Te or Mo. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 48b, 404—408 (1993); received November 12 1992 
  Published    1993 
  Keywords    Hexamolybdotellurate, Layer Structure, Polycations, Crystal Structure Hydrogen Bonding 
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 Identifier    ZNB-1993-48b-0404 
 Volume    48