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1Author    Konstantin Seferiadis, Lothar JaenickeRequires cookie*
 Title    B iom im etic Synthesis of th e  
 Abstract    Fucus P h ero m o n e, F u c o se rra te n A C o n trib u tio n to th e H e te ro ly tic F ra g m e n ta tio n of U n sa tu ra te d 1,5-Diols Fucoserraten (1,3-trans, 5-cis-octatriene), the sex-attrac-tant of Fucus serratus and F. vesiculosus, was obtained by heating bis-trimethylsilyl-l,5-cis, 8-m-undecatrien-3,7-diol in an acidic milieu, showing simultaneously that also 3-un-saturated 1,5-diols undergo heterolytic fragmentation. As expected, the reaction proceeds without isomerization and under irarcs-elimination of the leaving group. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 33c, 997—9 (1978); received September 21 1978 
  Published    1978 
  Keywords    Biomimetic Synthesis, Fucoserraten, Heterolytic Fragmenta­ tion, Pheromones 
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 Identifier    ZNC-1978-33c-0997_n 
 Volume    33