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1Author    M. Aria, TeresaG. IardiRequires cookie*
 Title    Significance of Photosystem II Core Phosphorylation Heterogeneity for the Herbicide-Binding Domain  
 Abstract    In recent papers the heterogeneous nature o f photosystem (PS) II core phosphorylation has been revealed (Giardi et al., B B R C 176, 1 2 9 8 -1 3 0 5 (1991); Plant Physiol. 100, 1 9 4 8 -1 9 5 4 (1992)). In this paper the action o f endogenous and exogenous phosphatases both on the dis­ tribution of phosphorylated PS II core populations and on herbicide-binding activity in pho­ tosystem II preparations from Spinacia oleracea L. has been investigated. The results indicate that these phosphatases modify the photosystem II core phosphorylation heterogeneity at a different level. Dark incubation causes a partial dephosphorylation of D, and D 2 proteins by endogenous phosphatase(s) and changes the relative distribution o f phosphorylated photosys­ tem II core populations, while the action o f the alkaline phosphatase leads to extensive de-phosphorylation and to the detachment of PsbH protein from the photosystem II core. De­ phosphorylation by the two alternative methods results in a differential modification of herbi­ cide-binding activity. It is suggested that photosystem II heterogeneity with respect to the herbicide action, observed in vivo, could be a consequence o f PS II core phosphorylation heterogeneity. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 48c, 241—2 (1993); received Novem ber 9 1992 
  Published    1993 
  Keywords    Photosystem II Core, Phosphorylation, Heterogeneity, Phosphatase, Herbicide-Binding Dom ain 
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 Identifier    ZNC-1993-48c-0241 
 Volume    48