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1Author    Bernt Krebs, Stefan Bonmann, Klemens ErpensteinRequires cookie*
 Title    Synthese, Struktur und Eigenschaften der Hexabromoteilur(I V)-und Tridekabromotritellur(IV)säure-Hydrate. Kristallstrukturen der Oxonium-Salze |H 90 4]2ITeBr6l und IH904l[Te3Br13] Synthesis, Structure and Properties of Hexabromotellurous and Tridecabrom otritellurous Acid Hydrates. Crystal Structures of the Oxonium Salts [H90 4 ]2[TeBr6] and [H90 4 ][Te3 Br13]  
 Abstract    From solutions o f TeBr4 in concentrated aqueous HBr red needles o f the crystalline hexa­ bromotellurous acid with the stoichiometric com position H,TeBr6 -8H -,0 (1) were isolated (space group P 2 Jn, a = 7.662(5), b = 9.796(6), c = 11.987(8) A, ß = 91 ,35'(4)° at 259 K). If the H B r: TeBr4 concentration ratio in the system TeBr4/H B r/H 20 was kept low, a novel acid with formal com position H T ejB r^ ^ H iO (2) could be prepared (space group Cm, a = 13.501(5), b = 15.453(6), c = 9.153(3) A, ß = 138.11(2) at 140 K). The X-ray structural analysis o f 1 shows the acid to contain, besides regular octahedral [TeBrJ2-ions (T e-B r: 2 .6 7 1 (4)-2.716(4) Ä), [H90 4]+ hydroxonium ions (O -O : 2 .48 (3)-2 .6 2 (3) Ä). The [H90 4]+ units are linked through a hydrogen bond system (O -O : 2 .8 0 (3)-2 .9 7 (4) Ä) to form a three-dimen­ sional network. The formula has to be written as [H90 4]2[TeBr6 ]. 2 is the first acid in this class with a trinuclear anion. Its structural formula is [H90 4][Te3 Br13]. A s a fragment o f the Te4 Br16 cube the anion consists o f three edge-sharing octahedra with a central triply bridging Br; The mean bond distances are 2.515 Ä for terminal T e -B r , 2.944 Ä for T e -^ 2Br and 3.077 Ä for T e -/ / 3 Br. The 0 -0 distances in the isolated [H90 4]+ hydroxonium ions are 2 .4 5 (3)-2.57(2) A. Raman spectra o f both acids are reported. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 46b, 919 (1991); eingegangen am 16. N ovem ber 1990 
  Published    1991 
  Keywords    H exabrom otellurous Acid, Tridecabromotritellurous Acid, Chalcogen Halogen C om pounds, Crystal Structure, Hydroxonium Compounds 
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 Identifier    ZNB-1991-46b-0919 
 Volume    46