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1Author    Natalia Stoicheva, Iana Tsoneva, DimiterS. Dimitrov, Ivan PanaiotovRequires cookie*
 Title    Kinetics of Calcium-Induced Fusion of Cell-Size Liposomes with Monolayers in Solutions of Different Osmolarity  
 Abstract    The effects o f osmolarity, calcium concentration and cell-size lip osom es in the subphase on the surface tension o f phospholipid monolayers were investigated. The m onolayers were spread from chloroform solutions o f phosphatidic acid at air/w ater solution interface. The liposom es (o f average diameter 3 |im) were formed from phosphatidic a cid /e g g lecithin (1 :2) m ixtures in water or 0.1 M water solutions o f sucrose. For this system there were critical concentrations o f calcium ions to produce a large reduction o f the monolayer surface tension. The threshold calcium concentrations depended upon the sucrose concentration in the subphase. W ithout sucrose the threshold calcium concentration was 8 mM, while for isoosm otic sucrose solutions (0.1/0.1 M in /o u t o f lip osom e) it was 14 mM. It sharply increased to 28 mM CaCl2 at sucrose concentration difference across the lip osom e m em ­ brane 0.02 M and decreased to 26 mM, 19 mM, and 18 m M w ith further increase o f that difference to 0.04 m, 0.06 M, and 0.08 M, respectively. The rate o f monolayer surface tension decrease was m easured as a function o f tim e at 30 mM CaCl2 and different sucrose concentrations in the subphase solution. The initial rates at first decreased with increasing the osmotic pressure and after that they increased. The m inim um occurred at sucrose concentration gradient across the lip osom e m em brane 0.02 M, i.e., at the point o f maximum threshold calcium concentration required for large decrease o f the m onolayer surface tension. These facts may be explained by recent theories o f dynam ics o f adhesion, instability and fusion o f membranes m odeled as thin films. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 40c, 92 (1985); received July 16 1984 
  Published    1985 
  Keywords    Membrane Fusion, Giant Liposomes, Phospholipid M onolayers 
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 Identifier    ZNC-1985-40c-0092 
 Volume    40